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Vinyl Draught 35 - Country - September 18

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About Vinyl Draught

Vinyl Draught is an upscale take on business networking in the Clear Lake area.

Vinyl Draught was born out of necessity. Founded by Bertrand McHenry and Doug Meisinger, Vinyl Draught creates an upscale business networking opportunity, for the more established business professional. After having gone to and even hosted countless networking events, a real issue was obvious. Most networking events, had very little networking going on. They seemed to have the same theme running throughout. Desperate networkers trying to sell the room. People don't come to networking events to buy something and yet people still showed up trying to sell something. We wanted a way to weed that out and thus, we created Vinyl Draught. First order of business was to raise the bar, across the board. Dress Code is imperative. We want people to walk into a Vinyl Draught event and know, they are with the area's top business professionals. Beyond that, we wanted everything to be slow and deliberate, with a focus on quality. It's why we feature craft beer, as opposed to mass produced beer. Sure, it takes longer to create, but the end result is worth the time invested. We play a soundtrack of great music, from our own Radio Station, which we've labored over. Clearly, an iPod would be easier, but the quality that we get from that investment is worthwhile. Finally, we have a no selling policy at Vinyl Draught. We are about building relationships. Please don't bring sales collateral to hand out. All business cards are placed in holders, at the front of the room. Feel free to grab the cards from your new connections, at the end of the night. After each event, we convene outside to cap things off with a nice cigar. We look forward to seeing you at our events and remember, it's Vinyl Draught... wear something nice.

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