One of the great things about coming up with an idea and seeing it through, has to be the amazing people you meet along the way. After we sat in countless Starbucks locations (all over Houston) and discussed the idea of Vinyl Draught, we decided to act.

Act is a very short word. It should be easy to do. For us, it was. Far too many business people fail to act, because they want things to be safe and perfect, before they act. Sorry, safe and perfect does not exist. I’ll tell you what does, though. Done. Done exists. Done is great. Done is where the smart people are. Done is where the money is. The fat part of the branch is safe and comfortable. Problem is, the fruit is at the skinny end. Going after that fruit is a scary thing, but you meet the best people on that end of the branch. That’s where you meet the people with vision and hustle and it’s those people who helped make our idea a reality.

Through Vinyl Draught we have met and been inspired by professionals from Real Estate, Finance, Medical, Sales, Retail, Banking, Legal, Media and many, many more industries. These are the best of the best. The go-getters. Sitting at home and waiting for business to come to you doesn’t work and probably pays accordingly. That’s why we look forward to our monthly events. We know we will be surrounded by real business people that do real business. People who act. That kind of thing tends to rub off on others. If you are one of these people (and face it, you know whether or not you are) we hope to see you at our events. All our events. Real business relationships take time and the familiarity of seeing one another breeds trust and starts friendships.

And remember, it’s Vinyl Draught…wear something nice.


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