Have You Gone, All Chips In?

Have you completely bet on yourself? Yesterday I was talking with a friend of mine, a businessman, and he also happens to be a former Dvision 1 basektball player. We were talking about what areas of our lives where we hold back, what that feels like and….why we do it. I told him about the “all chips in” poker move. At some point in a poker game sometimes a player will put ALL of his or her chips in as his/her bet. This means they are betting EVERYTHING because either A) they believe they have the winning hand or B) they are pretty sure they don’t have the winning hand AND intend to bluff the other players into thinking they do with a bold move of confidence. My friend told me about a pick up basketball game he joined a year ago with some guys in their 20s (he’s 41 mind you) and he immediately started stinking the game up! It was a 21 point game and my friend was down 17 points already. He got the ball at the 3 point line and he heard one of the youngsters say “Oh don’t worry this ol guy ain’t gonna hit nothing!” He told me that remark triggered something and he went on the offensive to come back and win the game! I asked him why he wasn’t playing well before and he said he was intimidated so he acted like he was just having fun…and “I wasn’t really putting it all on the line but once I heard that “Ol guy” remark…I went “All in” “. Going all in is risky, it feels risky..and it should because we are betting on ourselves! We sometimes “hedge our bets”…we hold back, we pretend to play hard, or we pretend to not care so that when we do lose we can always say “Oh it was just for fun…didn’t really matter”. It matters though…It matters a great deal! It’s not about winning or losing…it’s about how you LIVE. Do you live with your foot riding the brake OR are you free to hit the accelerator full on? Making the decision to put ALL of your chips in can be the most liberating decision most of us ever make. What or WHO are You going “ALL Chips In” on?



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