In putting together an event like Vinyl Draught, a team is imperative. Two hosts seems like an absolute necessity. After all, these things can be a lot of work. However, the most indispensable ingredient is a solid sponsor team. Sponsors that understand the vision and see the importance of real business connections. Vinyl Draught could have been a “one and done”. Instead, it has become the area’s premiere networking event. So much so, that we are getting interest in other areas of Houston to hold Vinyl Draught events there.

We were deliberately picky about our sponsors and make no apologies for it. We want everything about Vinyl Draught to be impressive, therefore, we wanted an impressive group of sponsors.

Century 21 Paramount

Mercedes-Benz of Clear Lake

Clear Lake Today

Coady and Lewis Nationwide Insurance

Gulf Coast Palapas

ACU of Texas

Water’s Edge

Sweet Spot Audio and Records

Galactic Coast Brewing

The Scene Magazine

Needless to say, we knocked the cover off the ball, when it comes to finding sponsors.

We have not only found sponsors, we have made friends. We put this event on together and we are equally invested in it’s success.

We are honored to work with such talented people and organizations.

Remember, it’s Vinyl Draught…wear something nice.


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