The Absolute Power of…What Is!

“It doesn’t matter how you WISH it went down…The only thing that matters is what….IS!” Bertrand McHenry

Imagine you’re behind the 8 ball, it’s the eleventh hour and you have a project due, or you are walking into a meeting less than 100% prepared and on the drive over you say several times out loud or just to yourself something along the lines of…:”I just wish we would’ve called the advisory board together two weeks ago and had a brainstorming session to get ready for this meeting..then I’d feel better about the entire thing.” This comment, state of mind, or reaction is madness! Let me explain why….It matters NOT one teeny tiny bit what you wish would’ve happened…The ONLY thing that matters is WHAT IS! Do you get what I’m saying? The only thing that is REAL is what is happening in THIS MOMENT. I’m going to tell you something that is going to cause you to pause for a minute…ready? Here you go…Spending time wishing something would have happened differently than it did….is a form of insanity! Think about this with me….if you are spending any of your life in a time that does not exist, hoping that it’s different than it actually is…is INSANE and a massive waste of time! It’s time to mature really quick, get over the fact that you are dealing with this situation right NOW and bury yourself in the act of performing at as high a level as possible. Tell yourself “This moment right NOW is exactly what it is, AND I am so up for this challenge! I do not need another minute to regroup nor do I want a different situation…this is EXACTLY the situation I want!” …and then move right into it! Many times confidence alone will carry the day…BUT you’ll NEVER have the space to behave with unreasonable confidence if you’re wallowing in crazy land about what you wish could have, or should have happened. Snap out of it and get real…Don’t make me call the nice men in white jackets!

Time To Write A New Script!

Bertrand McHenry

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