Vinyl Draught 4

Some amazing things happened at Vinyl Draught 4 last week. Over 100 of the area’s finest business professionals gathered in a beautiful location to forge and strengthen relationships. It was our first event with Century 21 Paramount, Galactic Coast Brewing, and El Cubano Cigars as sponsors. We saw friends and colleagues that we literally hadn’t seen in years and so many other moments that made January 19th special. However, there is one moment that sticks out and defines the success of the evening. Seeing the Vinyl Draught logo on the digital sign at Water’s Edge. On this Vinyl Draught journey we’ve set out on, that moment was the most significant check point to date. As business people, as entrepreneurs, it’s easy to find reasons to keep our feet in the starting blocks. We hear that voice…“Seems like a lot of work”. “We aren’t event planners”. “What if no one comes?”  That voice has a soft convincing, safe, easy tone. The tone that kind of makes you want to hear more. It’s the same voice that tells you to hit the snooze button or leave work a little early to beat traffic. Had we listened to that voice, we would have robbed ourselves of a significant moment and many many more moments to come. By contrast, the voice we chose to listen to is a bit different. It’s slightly annoying and doesn’t seem to shut up. Good things happen when we listen, though. We planned well, worked hard and most importantly, surrounded ourselves with great people. That is really what Vinyl Draught is all about. Business people that plan well and work hard, surrounding themselves with great people. Perhaps it’s also about outstanding craft beer, fine cigars and playing some cool records. Thanks you so much for all of the great feedback and enthusiasm about Vinyl Draught. We look forward to seeing you on Fat Tuesday, February 9th at Water’s Edge.

Remember it’s Vinyl Draught…wear something nice.


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